• Boat Back-Up Station

    How it Works!



    Stop your vessel and the spread of AIS!


    BACK-UP 10 FT!

    Reverse your prop and back-up your vessel 10 feet.



    Proceed out the West Channel and enjoy Lake Tahoe!

  • Boat Back-Up Station

    We need your help to stop the spread of aquatic invasive plants. Follow these steps to remove plant fragments from your boat:

    Tahoe Keys Boat Back-up Station

    This summer the Tahoe Keys will have boat backup stations to reduce the transport of weeds by boats. Look for buoys with signs in the channel where, if timing and boat traffic permit, you should:
    • Stop your vessel
    • Reverse your prop
    • Back your vessel up 10 feet
    That way weeds don't make their way out into Lake Tahoe on your propeller to propagate and spread.

    Tahoe Keys Boat Back-up Station Compliance Rate

    Since the implementation of the BUS in 2016, education and outreach has helped improve compliance rate from boaters within the Tahoe Keys.
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