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Omnicat Skimmer Year One Results

Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association took big step in fragment control with the purchase of the Omnicat skimmer in 2017.

Brought on to enhance fragment collection beyond the existing small skimmer boats as part of the Association’s annual harvesting efforts, the Omnicat is a larger catamaran-style boat to collect floating debris.

TKPOA staff operated the Omnicat seven days a week in the 2017 harvesting season, collecting 430 cubic yards of weed fragments from the Tahoe Keys lagoons. That accounts for 41 percent of all the fragments collected, or 47 percent more than any individual small skimmer boat.

The boat backup station and the Omnicat are just two of many innovative solutions TKPOA has undertaken in combating aquatic invasive plants. We expect to announce more new programs for 2018 later this spring.

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