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Boat Backup Station Makes Progress in 2017

First implemented in the spring of 2016, Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association’s boat backup station was designed to reduce aquatic invasive plant fragments being carried out of the Tahoe Keys into greater Lake Tahoe by boat propellers.

Controlling these fragments is key – as Eurasian watermilfoil and curlyleaf pondweed can propagate from fragments. Observed increases in curlyleaf pondweed, which is able to grow at greater depths, makes this more urgent.

Manning the boat backup station on seven busy summer weekend days in August and September, TKPOA staff observed 115 boats, with about 1/3 complying with the boat backup station sign on their own, 1/3 complying when directed by staff and 1/3 not using the boat backup station.

Staff has begun planning to increase compliance in 2018 through better signage and education.

In addition to the video and the boat backup station itself, educational materials on the procedure are distributed by TKPOA at numerous locations, including boat inspection stations at Spooner and Meyers, major rental management companies, the Keys Marina and surrounding businesses, Camp Richardson, Timber Cove Marina, Lakeside Marina, the League to Save Lake Tahoe, TRPA, TRCD and elsewhere.

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