• Tahoe Keys Water Quality Committee

    The Water Quality Committee of the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association provides oversite and direction for all scientific and planning efforts, coordinating with Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board and other agencies, nonprofits and scientific experts.

  • Meet the team!

    Pete Wolcott

    Committee Chairman

    Pete and his wife Sue moved to the Keys in 2019 from nearby Bear Valley. They love the snow and winter sports, but are also avid sailors. They have explored the Pacific extensively by sailboat, from Vancouver to New Zealand. In the summertime, you’ll often see them on the lake on their sailing trimaran. Pete joined the water quality board to help ensure that we protect the priceless boating infrastructure that is the Tahoe Keys. Pete is a Silicon Valley veteran with a MBA, degree in economics and a minor in chemistry.

  • Chris Disney

    Committee Member

    Chris Disney, who’s been vacationing in the Keys since the 1970s and a full time resident since 2002, joined the committee in 2009 after watching water quality deteriorate as weeds took over.


    An avid outdoors enthusiast, Disney’s on-the-water observations of the problem – particularly recent growth of curly leaf pondweed – has moved him to act, also volunteering with the League to Save Lake Tahoe to mark all storm drains in the Keys, work with Eyes on the Lake and help at Pipe Keepers and other events.

    Susan Chandler

    Committee Member

    Susan Chandler and her husband bought in the Tahoe Keys in 1992, becoming full-time residents three years ago. She brings experience as a geologist and science teacher to the committee, which she joined after watching weeds take over to the point where she couldn’t boat in the waters next to her property.


    “I’ve learned that this is an incredibly complex process,” Chandler said. “I have learned that patience is the greatest asset of the committee members, and we hope the community will continue to support our efforts.”

    Rick Lind

    Committee Member

    Rick Lind has supported the Water Quality Committee starting as a volunteer in 2011, then as a consultant in 2014, and then as a formal Committee member in 2020. He became a part-time resident/townhome owner in 2009, a full-time resident/homeowner in 2017 and brings over 4 decades of environmental consulting experience throughout the western U.S. to support the Committee’s initiatives. In addition to consulting for the Association on the invasive weeds in the Keys lagoons, he and his staff (EN2 Resources, Inc. also dba Sierra Ecosystem Associates) work with other organizations (e.g., Truckee River Watershed Council) on other regional restoration and community challenges. Rick has also been a volunteer on the Board of the Tahoe Prosperity Center since 2013. Together with his wife Angie, they have enjoyed vacationing in Tahoe since the 1970s, raising their two children in El Dorado County since the 1980s, and now build memories with their grandchildren.

    Steve Jacobs

    Committee Member

    Steve Jacobs is a lifelong visitor to Lake Tahoe and a Tahoe Keys property owner since 2006. He is a new Committee member, joining in 2018.


    His love for the lake has resulted in a passionate interest to participate in understanding and resolving the various invasive issues that continue to plague Lake Tahoe.

    Pete Hagens

    Committee Member

    "I am a retired pharmacist of 45 years with an undergraduate B.S. degree in Zoology from UC Davis in 1972. My emphasis was ecology/limnology and studied under Dr. Charles Goldman. I joined the Water Quality Committee with the hope my background in chemistry and limnology might be of value in addressing the Keys lagoon water quality challenges. My family has owned a home in the Keys since 1963 and we all treasure the unique beauty of Lake Tahoe and our community."

    Jeff Flairty

    Committee Member

    For more than 35 years, Jeff Flairty has worked as a consulting engineer provided environmental and engineering expertise for companies such as Airgas/Air Liquide, AutoNation, PNC Financial Services, Lennar Homes, and Motorola and has proven capabilities in the fields of environmental due diligence, remedial engineering and regulatory compliance. Mr. Flairty is a Delaware and Florida registered Professional Engineer and the owner/president of Ayden Environmental with experience 46 of 50 states and Canada.

    Ron Hoffman

    Committee Member

    "I have been vacationing in the Tahoe Keys since the early 1970s and a property owner since the 1980s. Over the last forty years, I have witnessed the deterioration of the water quality in our waterways due to the proliferation of invasive weeds. I want to contribute to the implementation of improvements to help restore the waterways to what they once were."

    Ken Williams

    Committee Member


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