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    ​As aquatic invasive species (AIS) have become an urgent issue in the Keys lagoons, it is also a Lake Tahoe-wide threat to water quality, the environment and the economy. The Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association (TKPOA) has been actively managing invasive plants for decades through an integrative, science-based approach with the goal of gaining control over the infestation and greatly reducing their spread. TKPOA is currently collaborating on the development of an environmental document (EIS/EIR) to find solutions to address the aquatic invasive plant issue.

    Collaborative Multi-Stakeholder Process

    The collaboration team is composed of representatives from Lahontan Water Board, TKPOA, TRPA, Tahoe Water Suppliers Association, and The League to Save Lake Tahoe. See tahoekeysweeds.org for the collaborative website. 

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  • What is the TKPOA Water Quality Department?

    The Water Quality Department has two different branches. Click the images below for more information about each branch.

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    Please find "Tahoe Keys Weeds Test Achieves Key Milestone" press release below.    
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