• What does the Control Methods Test (CMT) Year 2 Funding Referendum look like?

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    Control Methods Test Year 2 Budget Projection

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  • CMT Town Hall Forum:

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    Passcode: h^WQv5#5

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  • Year 1 Preliminary Results

    • Both herbicides, Endothall and Triclopyr are responding as expected*
    • Hydroacoustic scans are showing knock-back in most sites to meet the 75% threshold
    • UV-C treatments in early spring appear to have made a significant difference in efficacy

    *Triclopyr only affects Eurasian Watermilfoil so it is expected that other species of aquatic weeds in these treatment areas would still be in abundance.

    CMT FAQs!

    No additional herbicide application or boating restrictions for years 2 and 3.


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