• Bottom Barriers

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  • TKPOA Bottom Barrier Program

    Each Year the TKPOA AIS staff distributes bottom barriers to homeowners that sign up!

    Our Bottom Barrier Program

    They Stop PLANTs from growing around your dock

    The Bottom Barrier program was first implemented in the Tahoe Keys in 2015. Bottom barriers are a proven way to eliminate aquatic vegetation growth. In 2010, a partnership of agencies implemented bottom barriers in Emerald Bay. This project used around 5 acres of bottom barriers coupled with diver assisted hand pulling. When the barriers were removed there was only sand beneath them. Due to the success of the project, it was decided in 2015 to use bottom barriers in the Tahoe Keys.

    Benefits of Bottom Barriers

    Bottom Barriers stop plants from growing by blanketing the bottom. By stopping plant growth they will keep your dock clear of weeds where the bottom barrier is in place.

    How to Get Your Own Bottom Barrier

    You can apply for a bottom barrier permit to stop plants from growing around your dock. The TKPOA can provide bottom barriers or you can buy your own at from various retailers such as lakebottomblankets.com. Contact the Association to find out about placing a bottom barrier mat next season. Bottom Barrier permit applications may be obtained at the TKPOA front desk, or downloaded below. Contact our ACC Department Manager, Linda Callahan, to get on the list to reserve your barrier kit (530)-542-6444 ext. 239.

  • Download the Bottom Barrier Application Now!

    Click the button below for the Application Packet. Bring this Packet to the front office at 356 Ala Wai Blvd

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