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Tahoe Keys Lagoons Aquatic Weed Control Methods Test Project (CMT) Implementation Services – Request of Proposals (RFP) available – March 9th, 2022

Tahoe Keys Lagoons Aquatic Weed ControlMethods Test Project (CMT) Implementation Services – Request of Proposals (RFP)available – March 9th, 2022  

The request for proposals can be located at Please go to Home and scroll down to ‘Latest News’ or select the CMT Project page tab and scroll down to ‘Latest CMT News.’  

The CMT is a test of multiple aquatic weed control methods that will be implemented in multiple testsites over a three to five year timeframe to determine what methods will likely achieve long-term control of weeds throughout the Tahoe Keys. Treatment methods being tested, both independently and in combination, include aquatic herbicides, ultraviolet light, benthic barriers, hand-pulling, diver assisted suction and laminar flowaeration. The monitoring program will help assess potential impacts (if any) towater quality, fate and transport of aquatic herbicides, presence of harmful algal blooms, and efficacy of the treatment methods.  

Please contact TKPOA General Manager Kirk Wooldridge if you have any inquiries about this bid. Contract vis phone : 530-542-6444 Extension 224, or email Questions on the RFP are due on March 16, 2022.   

The RFP bidschedule is set to close on March 29, 2022 at 5:00pm.   


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