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Meeting the Aquatic Invasive Species Challenge at Tahoe

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In another milestone step, the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association is creating an Integrated Weed Management Plan to address its invasive weed problem, long considered ground-zero for AIS problems in Tahoe. While still in draft stages, the plan seeks a comprehensive approach to get the extensive weed infestation in the Keys under control and keep it from spreading to other parts of Lake Tahoe. The approach combines different techniques and could include hand removals, bottom barriers, and potentially even the limited use of herbicide in select areas if found to be environmentally safe and approved by permitting agencies.

While the final plan to address invasive species in the Keys remains to be seen and fully considered, we applaud these property owners for starting this critically important process to address the issue. Doing nothing is not an option. The negative impact invasive species can have at Tahoe is clear, and history shows we can tackle the problem working together." - Joanne Marchetta, executive director, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency in a My Shot column in Moonshine Ink.

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