• Tahoe Keys Water Quality Committee

    The Water Quality Committee of the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association manages Sierra Ecosystem Associates in scientific and planning efforts, coordinating with Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board and other agencies, nonprofits and scientific experts.

    Andrew Kopania

    Committee Chair

    Committee Chair Andrew Kopania joined the group in 2016 – bringing experience as an environmental consultant working on water issues statewide for almost 30 years.


    “I wanted to contribute to the community by volunteering on the committee,” Kopania said. “Each member of the committee is very committed to protecting Lake Tahoe as a natural resource.”

    Marla Weitzman

    Committee Member

    Marla Weitzman, a Tahoe Keys resident for more than six years, joined the committee in 2014 to find solutions to the aquatic invasive plant infestation.


    “We’re following a complex regulatory path to address this problem,” Weitzman said. “It has put us in the position of not only creating a solution for our problems, but the lake-wide problem, as well.”

    Chris Disney

    Committee Member

    Chris Disney, who’s been vacationing in the Keys since the 1970s and a full time resident since 2002, joined the committee in 2009 after watching water quality deteriorate as weeds took over.


    An avid outdoors enthusiast, Disney’s on-the-water observations of the problem – particularly recent growth of curly leaf pondweed – has moved him to act, also volunteering with the League to Save Lake Tahoe to mark all storm drains in the Keys, work with Eyes on the Lake and help at Pipe Keepers and other events.

    Susan Chandler

    Committee Member

    Susan Chandler and her husband bought in the Tahoe Keys in 1992, becoming full-time residents three years ago. She brings experience as a geologist and science teacher to the committee, which she joined after watching weeds take over to the point where she couldn’t boat in the waters next to her property.


    “I’ve learned that this is an incredibly complex process,” Chandler said. “I have learned that patience is the greatest asset of the committee members, and we hope the community will continue to support our efforts.”

    Jim Jones

    Committee Member

    Jim Jones brings a wealth of experience to the committee as a member of the South Tahoe Public Utility District Board of Directors and in civil and sanitary engineering – previously working for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Environmental Protection Agency and National Science Foundation.


    Jones regularly works with state and national representatives to bring the issue of aquatic invasive plants to their attention.

    Steve Jacobs

    Committee Member

    Steve Jacobs is a lifelong visitor to Lake Tahoe and a Tahoe Keys property owner since 2006. He is a new Committee member, joining in 2018.


    His love for the lake has resulted in a passionate interest to participate in understanding and resolving the various invasive issues that continue to plague Lake Tahoe.


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